3 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service Levels

Service is often regarded as intangible and therefore difficult to measure, however, if it is appreciated by your customers, it can bring major benefits to your organisation.

High quality customer service engenders customer loyalty; it has been proved that customers are more likely to use your products and services again if they are satisfied with the service they received when working with you the first time. Better than that, they are also much more likely to recommend you to others too.

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At Bluestone Leasing we are always focused on offering the best possible service to our clients, which translates to great feedback just like you can read here http://www.bluestoneleasing.com/#testimonials  as well as ensuring we build long-term relationships that are at the heart of our success.

In today’s blog post we want to share with you three skills that we think are very important to provide the best customer service to your clients:

1.- Ability to communicate clearly

Rambling on and mumbling are generally not appreciated by other people. It is important when you pick up the phone or when you meet a client face to face, to be clear and direct without forgetting to use positive language and the right attitude. Rather than waffling on about how good your business and services are, try listening closely to their needs and tailoring your response precisely to them.

2.- Knowledge of the product or service

It seems obvious but you should never forget that if you do not know the product or service that you are offering from front to back, you won’t be able to answer customer’s questions or to provide them with the best solution according to their situation and needs. You have to be the expert in your subject if you want to secure the greatest prize of all – the trust and confidence of your client.

3.- Patience

One of the key factors in order to succeed when providing a service is to manage your personal emotions. Being patient and showing a calm attitude will make your customer feel safe and respected.

There are many others of course. You could add to the list: humour, tenacity, assertiveness, empathy, self-control, confidence, time management, work under pressure, etc.

Which ones do you think are the most important ones?

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