What makes Bluestone Leasing different from others?

By Phillip Bennett, CEO- Bluestone Leasing.

We are often asked by prospective clients how Bluestone differs from other asset finance brokers and finance companies. For years we gave our own reasons, rather than asking our reseller partners and end user customers why they thought we were different. When we did ask, we were quite surprised at some of the answers given.

First and foremost, our clients really appreciate that wherever possible we have direct, face to face contact with them, allowing us to gain a thorough understanding of their business and its needs and therefore structure a finance package which really works for them. Many brokers and finance companies operate remotely through internet based portals or by phone and email only. While this may be suitable in certain cases, for instance low value, run-rate transactions, our clients feel that it does not permit a true understanding of their business to be developed, which they see as essential where the investment is large, complex or significant to their business. Moreover, we ensure that there is regular dialogue with our clients throughout and wherever possible, we are present when documents are signed to ensure that they are properly understood.

Paper people

Our clients also think we work harder and with more energy for them than other brokers and finance companies. We are very much seen as part of our client’s team, always working around their needs and requirements.

Of major importance was the fact that we do what we say we will do. Occasionally we may say that we can’t finance a transaction but our clients appreciate our honesty in not making false promises. However, we do have 40 finance houses on our panel, the largest panel of any broker in the UK, making it rare that we cannot finance an investment and allowing clients to use us as a “one stop shop” rather than having to find multiple funders to finance an investment. If we can’t finance a transaction, it is usually a good indicator that it may be best not to.

Our clients like the fact that many of our team have been with the business for many years. This does not just mean that our team is very experienced, it also allows strong and friendly working relationships to develop.

Clients also appreciate our “can do” attitude. This results in our bringing creative solutions to the table where others can’t. This is evidenced on occasions when we may not be the cheapest option but our clients choose us because they recognise we are offering the best solution overall and see the value we add to their business.

Almost universally, our clients describe us as being “friendly”, “personable” even “fun” to work with, while at all times being utterly professional in everything we do. They like our “collegiate” or team based approach which means that more than one person knows what is going on in every transaction making clients feel comfortable that they are in safe hands at all times.

As one new client said to us just after moving to us from another broker “it is so nice to talk to people who are genuinely interested in what we do”.

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