Summer is Coming! Finance Your Air-Conditioning

The season’s are changing, grey skies are turning to blue and Summer is almost upon us!

The Met Office confirmed 2014 as the UK’s warmest year on record and if this year’s predictions are accurate we’re set for another scorching summer. William Hill even has 2/1 odds on 2015 being the hottest Summer in recorded history! While Britons enjoy a good heatwave, they can only take so much sun before they’re running indoors to cool down.

Shops and restaurants that invest in air-conditioning can profit from customers looking to find places to shop and eat in cool comfort. Meanwhile if you want happy, productive employees make sure that your air-conditioning doesn’t get them hot under their collars!

Don’t wait until it heats up before preparing to cool down. Get ahead of the curve and get set by financing air-conditioning with Bluestone Leasing.

Check out some of the benefits of leasing your air-conditioning equipment with Bluestone:

  • Payments are full tax deductible
  • Leasing allows you to spread the costs of your purchase in line with the return on the investment
  • Leasing is totally flexible. You determine the term of the lease, the frequency of payment and both can be upgraded or changed throughout the life of your lease.
  • Leasing lets you make investment decisions based on your needs, not your budget.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from leasing, please get in touch with us on 01924 248 800 or email us at

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