Introducing Bluestone: Louise Harris

Key Account Director for Interiors Partners & Clients

Louise has been a key member of the our team since 2008 and specialises in arranging turnkey finance solutions for interiors projects. Louise spends her time meeting with clients from all over the UK – either in person or virtually – learning about their businesses and helping them to offer finance as a payment option to their customers, and/or to make use of finance for their own growth.

It’s a varied, busy and often demanding role, but you only have to speak to Louise for a few minutes to see that she is passionate about what she does.

“I love being out on the road meeting with businesses, getting to know them, their challenges, and ambitions. Passion is key to success in whatever you are trying to achieve, and I take pride in doing the best possible work for every one of my clients – so much so that over the years I have come to think of many of them as friends.”

Where it all began

Louise grew up “up on the hills above Hebden Bridge” in West Yorkshire. Living “in the middle of nowhere” and being an only child meant that Louise spent a lot of time alone, but she has fond memories from her childhood and has always been close to her parents.  

“A standard Saturday would involve playing tennis in the morning, before getting my roller boots on and going down to the local pub with my dad for boozy beef, followed by apple pie with cream and sprinkles. My mum has always been a big inspiration to me; she did not have the easiest start in life but is so strong, positive, and bubbly.”

According to Louise’s mum, she had a very early ambition to open her own cheese shop, but that ambition must have fallen by the wayside at school as Louise discovered an interest in art and a natural talent for sports, including becoming captain of the netball, hockey, tennis, swimming and running teams.

The world of work

Louise pursued her interest in art by completing a foundation course in art at college, but when it came to choosing a career, Louise followed in her parents’ footsteps by entering the world of sales. Having worked full-time in-between her GCSEs and A-levels selling stationery to businesses over the phone, she proved incredibly successful at the cold face of sales. 

As Louise loves cars, it seemed a perfect combination to go into a sales role, and to sell something that she loves, she therefore became a car saleswoman and thoroughly loved every moment of it.

“The company had a really old school way of doing business so I was providing a personal service from start to finish. I loved it, but after a couple of years the elderly owner sold the business. Unfortunately, the new owners started putting profit before what was best for the customer, so I left.”

Louise and a friend made plans to travel around the world together, but when her friend dropped out of the trip at the last minute, Louise decided to go alone.

“I spent 6 months travelling around New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and the US, and it was the best thing I have ever done. I learnt so much and did a lot of growing up.”

On her return to the UK, Louise returned to the motor industry, but after three years decided that it was time for a change.

“I had a few job offers on the table, but I was excited that the Bluestone Leasing role would involve arranging the finance for interior design projects, and I would be out on the road meeting people. I’m still here 13 years later, so it was definitely the right decision! I’m very fortunate that in that time I’ve been able to build meaningful long-term relationships and watch both my clients and colleagues flourish and grow.”

What does the future hold for Louise?

At the top of Louise’s list is a trip to Australia with her young daughter to visit her best friend (who now has her own baby girl) and to celebrate another “incredible” New Year’s Eve in Sydney. She says that she tries to live every day as if it’s her last, and that hopes that one day no child will have to live through poverty or war.

But what does Louise want to be remember for?

“I hope I will be remembered as a fun person, but I learnt early on that the most important thing a person can be is kind-hearted, so I hope people will remember that I was there for them when they needed me.”

Interested in how bespoke finance solutions could help your commercial design and build business to grow, get in touch at today.

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