Introducing Bluestone: Ben Howe

Key Account Manager for Technology Partners & Clients

Ben Howe travels all over the UK supporting businesses in the technology sector that want to offer finance as a payment option to their customers, or make use of finance for their own growth. It’s a varied and busy role, but if we have to sum up Ben’s approach in just a few words, we’d describe him as committed, hardworking, curious, and kind.

“When a partner trusts me enough to ask me to train their staff, speak directly to their customers, recommend me to their contacts, and keep coming back to me for finance no matter what the project, I know I’m doing a good job.”

Where it all began

Ben was born and raised in a small village outside Sheffield called Oughtibridge, and since childhood he has had one consistent passion.

“I have lived and breathed football for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is going to watch my first Sheffield Wednesday match when I was 6 years old. I can still remember the journey, the noises, and the smells.”

For a long time young Ben was convinced he would play professionally for Sheffield Wednesday when he grew up. Later in his school career, however, he developed other interests alongside his commitment to the beautiful game, including skills in design and technology, and a determination to make his own way in the world. 

The world of work

Ben started his working life with no less than 3 after school and weekend paper rounds (one of which paid him just 2p per paper). While studying for his A levels at college, Ben spent most evenings working in a high street clothing store, but when the time came to choose between further study or earning a living, Ben knew what he wanted to do.

“I had been accepted to my first choice university and had the grades I needed, but as I held my A level results in my hand I decided that spending more time in education was not for me. I cancelled my university application and got out into the world as soon as I could.”

Ben did not give himself an easy introduction to the world of work, however, as his first jobs were in direct marketing, selling gas and electricity door to door, selling at events, and selling insurance.

“Those roles taught me a lot – including how to deal with rejection – but I was often working on a commission only basis. I left to train as an electrician with the idea that I could run my own business, but unfortunately the recession hit around the same time that I qualified, so I moved back into what I knew best: sales.”

Working at Bluestone

Ben has been working in the technology sales and the finance sector since 2015, joining the Bluestone Leasing team in early 2018.

“Bluestone offered me the opportunity to develop my skills more than any other employer I’ve had before. The team I work with are knowledgeable and approachable, and they’ve really invested in me and my career.”

One of the best parts of the job, Ben says, is that he has been able to visit almost every major city in the UK in his efforts to meet with new and existing partners as much as possible.

“Most of the time, my car is my office as I am travelling up and down the UK to support our partners. No two days are the same. One day I might be at a factory walking round with a hard hat, and the next I could be in a large corporate office training a sales team or meeting a client in a coffee shop.”

What does the future hold for Ben?

When not playing football, training young football players, or watching Sheffield Wednesday matches, Ben tries to travel as much as he can.

“I love to explore the places that tourists rarely go, meeting local people and seeing the ‘real’ parts of a country. Next on my list is a multi-city trip across America either on a plane or by driving Route 66.”

In his free time Ben also likes to take long walks through the countryside (especially when it ends with a roast dinner in a country pub). When it comes to his work, Ben is never happier than when he is out on the road and meeting new people, and his approach to his work is much like his approach to life:

“We should always treat others how we would wish to be treated; there is never any need to talk down to someone. This is particularly important in the finance sector as everyone has to start at the beginning whether they are considering finance for themselves or their customers. Never be too proud to ask a question.”

Interested in how bespoke finance solutions could help your IT or technology business to grow? Get in touch at today.

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