Introducing Bluestone: Mark Johnston

Key Account Manager for Reprographics and Renewable Technology

Mark is one of our key account managers and, having worked in the leasing and finance sector since 1994 and with Bluestone since 2010, one of the most experienced members of the team. Mark can arrange finance for any asset, but most of his experience lies in technology, reprographics, telecoms, security, and green energy.

“I think our partners and customers continue to work with us because of our honest and transparent approach, and our commitment to quick and open communication. Suppliers expect to be kept informed and updated to ensure transactions are processed with the minimum fuss. As a business, we go the extra mile and don’t hide away from challenging deals.”

The early days

Mark grew up in Wilmslow in Cheshire where he “played out until you got hungry”. He has fond childhood memories of riding and practising stunts on his BMX bike, building rope swings across the local brook, and generally doing his best to break a bone.

“I liked being outside, exploring as much as I could, and playing out with friends until it was dark, but I would say the most important lesson from my childhood is if you fall over to pick yourself up and keep going.”

Initially, Mark had an interest in becoming a draughtsman, but although first steps into the world of work took him into an apprenticeship at an engineering company, Mark’s first full-time job was in a bank. This was followed by a move into finance in 1997. He has been working in the finance industry ever since, and as a finance broker since 2002.

Working in finance

“The asset finance market changed a lot during the early years of the recession, and in 2010 an opportunity came up to work for Bluestone, a business that was growing strongly and, unlike many other intermediaries, not a lifestyle business. It’s like a family here – everyone consciously wants to do well and play their part and I think this comes across to our partners and customers who often praise us for “going the extra-mile”.

“I like the way that Bluestone approaches finance. I am left to work in my own way and build relationships with clients that work for both parties. The company provides a great deal of support for employees, partners and customers, and that simultaneously motivates the team and ensures our clients return to us again and again.”

Looking to the future

“The best part of working in finance is the variety of people and businesses that I meet. I feel like I make a big difference and add value, and I still enjoy the buzz of being able to secure funding where no one else can – especially if I’m working to a deadline.”

In his free time Mark enjoys cycling, although he is not a fan of large groups of cyclists in Lycra that dominate the width of the roads! When he has the time, he loves exploring the stunning landscapes and experiencing the culture of Italy, and although he has a fear of heights, he hopes to one day overcome it and try paragliding.

“I would like to be remembered as a good and honest person who did not take things too seriously. I have brought two children up who I am very proud of, and I hope I will leave a good legacy through them.”

If you would like to speak to Mark about your business and how a bespoke finance solution could help you to move forward, get in touch at

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