Boost Your Cashflow with Bluestone’s Coronavirus Asset Unlock Scheme (CAUSe)

Has your business used cash to invest in new assets in the last 24 months, such as new furniture for your office or home workers, new technology to enable remote working and improve collaboration, or new machinery to boost productivity?

If so, you could unlock the cash tied up in those assets with our new Coronavirus Asset Unlock Scheme, or CAUSe.

What is Bluestone’s CAUSe?

Bluestone Leasing’s CAUSe is a new finance product for UK businesses that outlaid cash to buy assets such as furniture, technology, or plant machinery in the last 24 months, i.e., before or during the pandemic.

By financing the assets retrospectively, CAUSe releases cash that businesses can use to improve their financial liquidity, recover from the impact of the pandemic, and get back on the path to growth. The cost of the assets is then spread via fixed payments that are easier to budget for.

Click here to apply or request more information about unlocking cash for your business with CAUSe.

Why is the Bluestone CAUSe needed?

We are launching the CAUSe ‘for a good cause’, i.e., to help get the UK economy back on track by enabling UK businesses to unlock cash for growth.

In 2019, UK businesses were operating as ‘normal’ and, unfortunately, without a crystal ball. They were taking cash from the business to buy new assets, they were hiring new staff, investing in growth, and looking forward to the future. They had no idea that in March 2020, the world as we knew it would grind to a halt and that businesses would have to transform their working practices or stop trading altogether. What followed was one of the toughest periods in economic history.

In addition to coping with significantly reduced income, some businesses parted with even more cash to buy new equipment, furniture or technology to make their operation COVID-compliant. The government’s Covid Business Interruption Loans (CBILs) and Bounce Back Loans have been helpful, but the subsequent Recovery Loan Scheme has not had much uptake.

“We speak with UK businesses every day about their finances, so we know that despite the government’s support schemes, many are still struggling with cashflow as a result of the pandemic. We wanted to do more, so we have developed a retrospective finance product, CAUSe, to enable businesses to access the cash locked away in their assets.”

Mark Hargreaves, Finance Director, Bluestone Leasing

How could the Bluestone CAUSe help your business?

If you took cash from your business to buy assets in the last 24 months, CAUSe can help you to get that cash back by retrospectively financing the assets.

  • The released cash can be deployed elsewhere in the business or kept to boost cash reserves.
  • Financing the assets enables you to spread the cost of the assets over 12 to 36 months.
  • The fixed, affordable payments will be easier to budget for.
  • Depending on your business’ financial situation and the terms of the finance agreement, CAUSe can also unlock significant tax savings.
  • You receive the cash within 24 hours of the paperwork being completed.

Which assets are eligible for CAUSe?

The CAUSe can release cash from a wide range of business assets including, but not limited to, technology, plant machinery, and furniture. The assets need to be valued between £1,000 to £125,000 to be eligible for refinancing under CAUSe and must be located on the business’ premises or in an employee’s home.

Note: Vehicles are not eligible for CAUSe.

How to apply for the CAUSe

Any UK businesses interested in unlocking cash through the CAUSe should click here to complete the enquiry form.

We will then be in touch to talk you through the scheme in more detail, explore your financial challenges, and to make sure CAUSe would be the right solution for your business.

“CAUSe has the potential to be a gamechanger for many UK business. For us, a finance arrangement is only a success if it is a win-win for us and our customer. The more businesses that we help not only to recover but to thrive, the stronger the UK economy will become.”

Vineesh Madaan, Managing Director, Bluestone Leasing

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