Introducing Bluestone: Patrick Iyoyin

Regional Account Manager, Greater Manchester

“Every project is an opportunity to learn something new. I particularly enjoy the complicated projects, when clients come to me wanting to make a project happen but not sure how to proceed, or if it can even be done. I can then take on the hard work and research to work out the most beneficial finance solution, saving them time, money, and hassle.”

Patrick is our Regional Account Manager for the Greater Manchester region having been with Bluestone Leasing since 2016. Patrick helps his customers and partners to finance a wide range of projects including office fitouts, IT, green energy, and plant and machinery. Having said that, he loves nothing more than meeting a new client wanting to fund a project he has never dealt with before.

The world of work

Patrick’s approach to life and work is influenced by the concept of the Growth Mindset, a theory studied by American psychologist, Carol Dweck.

“This theory has shaped so much of my life. We can learn and develop in every area through persistence and help from others. Ultimately, we are all in control of outcomes and can improve through incremental steps.”

After attending the University of Leeds, Patrick officially began his career in sales with an internship at a car rental company.

“I have worked in sales all my life. I really enjoy talking to people and have learnt that sales is not about forcing my agenda on anyone – it is about finding out what they need, seeing if I can be of service to them, and adding value.”

Bluestone and the future

Patrick’s continued pursuit of self-improvement and development led him to his career at Bluestone Leasing where he has been given “the support, training, and confidence” to finance even the most complex projects and unique clients.

Alongside his years of experience in finance, Patrick has achieved a Professional Diploma in Asset Finance from the London School of Business. In addition, he sits on the Board of Trustees for a local charity, which enables him to further understand the top-level decision-making process of an organisation.

To find out how Patrick could help your business grow with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch today at

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