Introducing Bluestone: Josh Atkinson

Regional Account Manager: West Yorkshire

Josh is our regional account manager covering West Yorkshire, but in the Bluestone offices he is better known for his level-headed and laidback attitude to both life and work. Always friendly and dependable, Josh prefers to take a consultative approach to his work.

“I want to get out to meet my clients where they run their businesses, to learn as much as I can about what makes them tick, what their challenges are, and, most importantly, to answer their questions. When I understand a business from the inside out I can provide the right financial advice for their unique situation, including whether or not finance is the right choice for them.”

Where it all began

Josh grew up in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, but his earliest memory is from a family holiday in Lanzarote.

“I was about 4 years old and we were walking along together as a family. I knew there was something wrong with my foot and I was getting slower and slower, but I didn’t complain. After a while of moaning at me to hurry up, my dad discovered that I had a live cockroach in my shoe.”

Clearly, Josh’s laidback approach to life has been there from the beginning.

Although he spent a few years dressing up as Batman and had a childhood ambition of becoming a fireman, it was at school that Josh found his passion.

“I loved PE lessons and playing on school teams as much as I could. I was always determined to improve, even it meant spending hours and hours kicking a ball against a wall by myself.”

The world of work

With determination, resilience, and a love for sport, it’s not surprising that Josh realised his ambition by becoming a professional rugby league player. Josh played primarily for Castleford Tigers but also spent time with the Queanbeyan Kangaroos in Australia as well as Newcastle Thunder.

“One of my proudest moments was making my Super League debut in 2012. I learnt a huge amount from my rugby league career, but one of the best decisions I made was stepping back to play at a lower level. I’ve now got a much healthier balance to my life as I can see more of my family and friends. My passion for the sport has returned, and it also doesn’t hurt that I can now eat and drink as much as I like!”

After his professional rugby league career, Josh spent some time working in sales for sports and fitness companies before coming to Bluestone Leasing in the summer of 2017.

“I knew from my interviews with Bluestone Leasing that I would be joining a family-orientated company. I had limited knowledge about finance when I arrived, but everyone I met was so knowledgeable and friendly, I knew they would help me to develop my skills and grow.”

What motivates Josh?

A big clue to Josh’s motivations lies in the fact that Josh’s favourite place is his family’s villa in Alicante where he can sit with a chilled bottle of Rioja Chianza and do some “people-watching”. He is a family-oriented person, and his natural curiosity (or nosiness, to use his own words) makes him a great fit as an account manager for Bluestone.

“I want to find out as much as I can about my clients and how they operate. It is particularly rewarding when we can get involved with a business in its very early stages, take an active role in its growth, and ultimately see them succeed […] There is nothing better than having clients recommend us to their customers and contacts. It shows that they trust us to get projects over the line and conduct ourselves professionally with their customers.”

Josh wants to be remembered for…

“Always having a smile on my face, and generally being a positive influence on the people around me.”

What does the future hold for Josh?

Top of Josh’s bucket list is a holiday in Bali, a long-planned trip that was postponed time and time again during his rugby league career due to injuries. He also hopes to spend more weekends in Rome eating pasta and drinking wine, and to play rounds of golf whenever he gets the chance.

When asked whether he would visit the future or past with access to a time machine, Josh replies without missing a beat, “You have to go forwards”. When we combine that with the fact that the person he admires most is the cyclist Lance Armstrong for his resilience, it is a perfect summary for Josh’s approach to both life and business.

“Never stop learning, ask for help when you need it, and keep pushing on.”

If you would like Josh to help you and your business move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch today at

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