Introducing Bluestone: Billy Preston

Regional Account Manager, South West

Billy, our regional account manager for the south west, has been helping businesses to grow through asset finance since 2017, but he also has the somewhat unique perspective of having used asset finance as a business owner. With both personal and professional experience to draw from, Billy is firmly on the side of his clients when it comes to finance.  

“My job is not to talk at clients or sell finance to them – I am there to listen and consult. Every business faces unique challenges which require a unique solution. Once I understand how their business works, I can introduce the most appropriate finance option. One that is suited to their exact needs, at that precise time, to give them the confidence they need to move their business forward.”

Before Bluestone 

Billy was born in Dublin where, in his own words, he spent a lot of his childhood “feeling restless”. When he was 6, his dad moved to London for work which is where he and his brother attended school. Billy’s time in Ireland could not have been too off-putting, however, as when it was time to go to university, Billy chose to return to Dublin.  

After graduating from Trinity College Dublin, Billy worked across multiple media disciplines including roles in PR, journalism and public affairs. However, his boldest move was opening and running a restaurant with his wife.  

“My wife is an incredible cook and although it was the hardest two years of my life with long hours, no wages, and plenty of personal and professional strain, opening the restaurant is still my greatest professional achievement...

Ultimately, we decided to sell the business, but from finding the right site, to the fit out of the premises, to finding the best local suppliers, designing the menu, training the staff, to the day to day running and balancing of the books, I saw how tough it is to make a business work, especially in the hospitality industry.’

It was Billy’s experience of using asset finance as a customer that led him to his next career move.  

“My friend was already working in asset finance, and he suggested that it could be a good fit for me as I had a solid understanding of asset finance from having used it as a customer, and I am good at listening to people, thinking creatively, and enjoy problem solving. So, in 2017 I started working in an asset finance brokerage in London, specialising in the hospitality and leisure industry.”  

Why Bluestone?  

“My decision to join Bluestone was an easy one as the company’s reputation in the finance industry is exemplary. Some finance brokers have a bad name for putting their own profit before what’s best for the client, but Bluestone are well known for their ethical approach and high customer retention. In fact, when employed by a previous company I attempted to lure a particular client away from Bluestone to be told, ‘No thanks, we’re happy where we are.'”

The Future 

If I could change one thing about the world, it would be for the human race to stop destroying the planet through selfishness. I have a young son, and his future is always on my mind. In my free time I enjoy gardening and growing my own produce, and the best weekends are those when we get to pick or buy fresh local ingredients to prepare and cook a meal as a family.

Billy’s green ambitions extend past his personal life and into his work at Bluestone as he is passionate about funding the circular economy and renewable technologies. 

“I can help businesses in my region to fund just about any asset, but a big motivator of mine is to promote green and circular economies; I want Bluestone to play a part by funding projects that make the world a cleaner and better place now and in the future.

If you would to speak to Billy about your business and find out how a bespoke finance solution could help you to move forward, get in touch today.

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