Introducing Bluestone: Alex Judd

Regional Account Manager, South London

Alex joined Bluestone in 2020 and, as our regional account manager for south London, spends his time advising and supporting customers and partners on the best finance solutions for them.

“Every client is different and there are so many financial solutions out there, my main job is to get to know them as well as I can to ensure I match them with the right finance for their project or purchase. That might mean meeting them at their offices or via a video call, whatever works best for the client, but keeping two-way communication open is key.”

The early days

Alex grew up in Swindon in the south west, but his earliest memory is from a holiday abroad when he was just three years old.

“I remember being on the beach at the shore line, and the sand had become burning hot. I couldn’t walk on it, so I was calling and calling for help. I can still see my dad hobbling towards me as fast as he could like he was running on hot coal.”

His experience by the sea could not have been too traumatic, however, as he later developed a childhood ambition to become a shipwreck explorer, mainly because he liked the idea of scuba diving all day. Alex also played a lot of football and tennis, and at school he discovered a talent for art, design, as well as a passion for music that would stick with him for life.

“From the age of 15 music took over my life, and as I also loved art, I thought designing album covers could be a great career. I completed my GNVQ in art and a BTEC in graphic design at college, but when it came to choosing a degree course, I decided that classical art was not for me and chose to study multimedia production instead.”

The world of work

After university, Alex took his multimedia degree in to the IT industry for an Apple reseller, mainly working in sales and account management.

“I never had aspirations to work in sales, but I found that it suited my personality as I like meeting new people, and as I had an interest in technology, my career has evolved naturally.”

With his experience in sales, account management, and IT, Alex’s move to Bluestone was a natural one. Alex takes pride in a consultative, helpful approach to working with clients, sharing knowledge and exploring multiple options to arrive at the best result. He also makes a great cup of tea, which makes him a popular guy when he is in the office.

The future

In his free time Alex produces music and enjoys taking city breaks, exploring the history and impressive architecture before relaxing in a bar, or sitting on an empty beach with an ice cold beer. One day, he hopes to take a first class trip to Japan’s futuristic cities as well as the rural landscapes, mountains, and ancient temples.

When asked what his biggest pet peeves are, Alex mentions people who drop litter, and when asked what he would change about the world, he says climate change and poverty. It is no surprise, therefore, that the person he most admires is Sir David Attenborough.

His accumulated knowledge and experience and his passion for protecting the planet are incredible. He will be remembered, and when he eventually passes away I think everyone in the UK will remember where they were.”

But what does Alex want to be remembered for?

“Being a funny, caring guy who made a decent beat.”

If you would to speak to Alex about your business and find out how a bespoke finance solution could help you to move forward, get in touch today.

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