Bluestone 365: Protect Your Business from the Microsoft 365 Price Rise

On August 19th 2021, Microsoft announced big changes to their commercial pricing for Microsoft 365. It is the “first substantive pricing update” Office 365 was launched a decade ago, and is being introduced to reflect the development and subsequent “increased value” the product now delivers to customers.

What’s changing?

From March 2022, the way commercial organisations pay for Microsoft 365 will change.

Customers will have to decide whether to pay a variable price or paying a fixed price upfront in full. Microsoft 365 customers who don’t pay upfront in full for their licences will be subject to price rises which could be up to 30% over the term of their agreement.

In addition, Microsoft have announced that an organisation’s user numbers cannot be altered after an agreement is signed.

These changes could have a significant financial impact on businesses that rely on Microsoft 365 for their communication and collaboration, but there is a solution.

Lock in your Microsoft 365 prices with Bluestone 365

We have created a bespoke software financing product, Bluestone 365, which enables you to lock in your Microsoft 365 prices for a multiple-year agreement while still paying via affordable monthly instalments.

Bluestone 365 also enables you to scale the product as your organisation grows by entering into new agreements.

Plus, if you are also upgrading your IT hardware, you can roll all the costs together into a single monthly cost that is easier to budget for.

Benefits of Bluestone 365

  • Retain a low monthly cost
  • Easily scale your number of users
  • Spread cost across agreement length
  • Spread risk
  • Combine with a hardware project into a single monthly cost
  • Potentially save some tax.  

Thousands of businesses will find themselves out of pocket with the upcoming changes to Microsoft 365 licensing agreements. Take the scorecard and we’ll send you a personalised report with feedback on the steps you can take to ensure you don’t lose out. It only takes 1 minute and it’s free.

  • It takes just 1 minute
  • It’s completely free
  • Receive customised results instantly

Click here to take the scorecard.

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