Introducing Bluestone: Hannah Dixon

Regional Account Manager, Wales

Our regional account manager for Wales, Hannah, joined Bluestone Leasing in early 2021 with more than eight years of experience in the asset finance industry behind her.

“My favourite part of working in asset finance is being able to find finance for clients that have been refused it elsewhere. It can sometimes take an ‘outside the box’ approach to solving problems, but there is nothing better than seeing my client’s reaction when I can say yes when others have said no.”

Where it all began

Hannah was born and raised in Newport, Wales, where her creativity and friendly nature were evident from the beginning.

“I loved drawing, and anything to do with art and being creative. I have a wonderful memory of sitting at a school table with a queue of children in front of me, each of them asking me to draw them a different Pokémon character. I even wanted to be a cartoon animator for a while, but once I had completed my A levels, I knew I wanted to be out in the world of work as soon as possible.”

The world of work

After her first weekend job in a toy factory (which is apparently not as fun as it sounds), Hannah launched her career in finance with the help of the Jobs Growth Wales programme.

“When I was offered the chance to enter the finance industry I grabbed it with both hands. I started in data administration, but soon progressed to sales, managing an internal team and finally to partner/supplier account management […] Prior to joining Bluestone I worked with clients all over the country in different industries, helping them to grow and thrive, but often with the telecoms and technology sector.”

Hannah’s approach to asset finance is to develop long term relationships with clients, and this has often resulted in those clients becoming “more like friends”.

“One of the main reasons that I wanted to come and work for Bluestone was their friendly and engaging approach to asset finance. I could tell from my first conversations with them that they were different to other finance companies, and that my consultative and personable style would be a great fit here. […] My role with Bluestone enables me to focus my attention on businesses in Wales, a region very close to my heart, and also to offer finance for just about any asset in any industry.”

The future

When Hannah is not making cakes for her friends birthdays or dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights from the comfort of a glass igloo, she likes nothing more than camping near a beach with a roaring fire. While she lives in Somerset (luckily, “near some lovely beaches”), Hannah is passionate about helping businesses in her homeland of Wales to grow and succeed through a personal service.

“It’s so important that I get to meet my partners and customers in person where they operate their business, so I make a point of getting out on the road in Wales as much as possible. Plus, I can usually squeeze in some visits to my family during my trips, which is a big positive for me.”

If you would like Hannah to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch today at

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