Introducing Bluestone: Steve Bretherton

Regional Account Manager for West Midlands

Steve joined the Bluestone Leasing team in early 2021 with more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry in his back pocket, the last 5 of which were focused on finance leasing. Despite his relatively recent arrival, Steve has already made a name for himself not just for his financial knowledge, but also his helpful and friendly attitude.

“I do not see myself as a salesman – I come up with solutions to people’s problems and I enjoy helping them to make the right decisions for their business. In many cases, that means unearthing ideas they have not heard of or suggesting alternatives to their traditional finance strategy.”

The early days

Steve was born and bred in Solihull, a town outside Birmingham. As an only child, he was very close to his parents and grandparents, but also learnt how to “make fun” for himself and his group of friends.

“We liked to play outside in the fresh air building rope swings and go-karts, and exploring in the woods. My dad was a self-employed builder, and I think he hoped that I might become a footballer or a bricklayer like him one day, but I was more interested in clothes, socialising, spending time with my family…and ‘Star Wars’!”

Steve’s father has been a big influence on the man and father that he has become, and he says that the most important lesson he learnt in his childhood was to always tell the truth. This is a mantra that he continues to follow both personally and professionally.

The world of work and joining Bluestone

Steve’s first experience of work was washing pots in a local nightclub.

“I would cycle there every Sunday for £2.50 an hour, and I loved it. The money I earnt was mine to do what I wanted with, and that independence was great.”

After school Steve started an apprenticeship with a car manufacturer. However, after one week it was clear that it was not the right fit for him, so he left to go to college before beginning his career in banking and finance.

“I was attracted to working for Bluestone as I liked the ethos of the company, I could tell from my interviews that they look after their staff. The office is a welcoming and nice place to be, and they put a lot of time and effort into making sure they hire the right people with the same values and ethical approach.”

Steve’s days are spent meeting with clients, finding out what they need now and in the future, and creating bespoke financial solutions that enable them to get there.

“Trust is key, and you will win more respect from others if you are honest. I have clients that have stuck with me for many years, even when I have moved to a new company, because they trust me. I do not overpromise or under deliver – if I say I can do something, I will do it, and if I can’t do it, I will be upfront about it.”

The future

So, what does Steve do in his free time, and what are his hopes for the future?

“I’m pretty good at cooking and singing. I like to have a go at karaoke and my daughters always ask me to sing around the house. A few bands have asked me to perform with them, but I don’t have the confidence!”

Steve has always wanted to visit Thailand and is determined to make it happen in the future, but his perfect weekend is one spent with his partner and daughters on a caravan holiday, cooking on a BBQ in the fresh air.

Steve can help businesses in his region to finance a wide range of assets across multiple sectors, but with three young daughters at home, he particularly enjoy being able to find funding for projects that make a real difference to the community. 

“I love being able to fund a project that makes a positive impact in the world. Life is short, so we need to live in the best way we can and make the best of what we have. If there’s a way I can help someone or simply put a smile on their face, I will go out of my way to do it.”

If you would like Steve to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch today at

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