Introducing Bluestone: Mo Zar

Mo is our regional account manager for the south-central region. Having founded and run his own successful business in the past, and with plenty of professional experience in the commercial finance industry, Mo is perfectly positioned to guide his clients towards the best possible finance solutions for their business. 

‘I am here to help customers and partners to make the right decisions for their business through my financial knowledge and experience. I find it fascinating to meet and create relationships with diverse business owners to understand their business and future objectives. I know first-hand how important it is to be honest, transparent, meet agreed timeframes and generally be reliable.’

The early days

Born and raised in Surrey, where he spent much of his time playing sports, and generally ‘being mischievous’. In addition to an obsession with aeronautics, young Mo had a childhood dream of becoming a pilot. 

‘I used to visit the local newsagents every Saturday to get a catalogue on aircraft. I was fascinated with how they worked and liked the idea of being able to travel all over the world. I also enjoyed reading books as I felt I could transport myself to other worlds. I was inquisitive, and one of my favourite parts of school was being able to do science experiments.’

Mo was able to put his interest in science to practical use as his first part-time job was putting microscopes together in an engineering company which were then sold to the science industry. 

The world of work

Mo began his career working for a leading IT reseller providing clients with IT Infrastructure solutions based on technologies such as Cisco, 3Com and Compaq and spent many successful years at Cisco, the market leader in smart networks, wireless  and telephony solutions, winning new channel partners and successfully managing partner relationships. 

Soon after the smoking ban in 2007, Mo and a business partner recognised an opportunity to bring a range of e-cigarettes to market. Together they started and ran the first company to sell e-cigarettes to market in England, Ireland, and Europe.  

‘We had a lot of success, but after several years of travelling and working long hours, I made the choice to sell my shares in the company and take a sabbatical. I got married, and my wife and I took some time out to travel the world. We saw some incredible places including North Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.’ 

On his return to the UK, Mo started working for a company that specialised in invoice factoring. He then moved to focus on asset finance, joining the Bluestone team in 2020. 

‘I could tell from my first interview with Bluestone I would be joining not just a well-established company with an excellent reputation, rather a team with an open, supportive and positive team spirit.’

The future

Mo prides himself on his honesty, dislikes pretence and always gives his best no matter what he is doing. In both his personal and professional life, Mo tries to maintain long-term relationships and is known for being a great listener, family, friends, and clients often come to him for advice when they are facing challenges.

‘I am a self-driven person and I enjoy challenges, as well as being able to make a difference by helping businesses to move forward with the right financial strategy.’

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