Introducing Bluestone: Laura Fallah

Regional Account Manager, North, East and South Yorkshire

“There is no such thing as an obstacle – it is only a steppingstone.”

Laura is our regional account manager for north, east and south Yorkshire. Since joining Bluestone Leasing in 2021, Laura has established herself a hardworking and friendly member of the sales team with a great eye for detail. If she is not out of the office meeting with a potential new client or partner to help them understand the benefits of finance, you will find Laura on the phone providing advice and support to one of her existing partners or customers.

“I make it my business to support my clients and partners throughout their projects and make sure they have everything they need when it comes to finance. I will always go the extra mile and am something of a perfectionist; I want to build a longstanding relationship with my clients that goes beyond a single project.”

Where it all began

Laura has spent most of her life in Yorkshire growing up in the small East Yorkshire village of Sigglesthorne where she spent much of her childhood playing in the surrounding fields, building dens and climbing haystacks whatever the weather.

At school Laura particularly enjoyed maths and science and had an early ambition of becoming a scientist when she grew up. In fact, one of her most prized possessions was a videoscope that she was given for passing an exam and the person she most admires today is the first man to enter outer space, Yuri Gregarin.

The world of work   

The most important non-academic lesson Laura learnt during her time at school was resilience and the importance of hard work, and she has taken these qualities with her through early employment in hospitality and retail as well as her studies at university in Newcastle.

Laura has been a finance broker since 2018 joining the Bluestone team in 2021.

“I was particularly interested in coming to Bluestone because of the autonomy they offer their staff. They trust their people enough to let them manage their own workflow and get the job done in the way that works for them. No two days are the same in my role and I highly enjoy the level of diversity my job brings on a daily basis.’’

What does the future hold for Laura?

Well, in an ideal world Laura would ensure that no child ever goes hungry, that rudeness and aggressive behaviour become extinct, she would spend more holidays in the south of France and she would get to use more of her weekends to explore new places in the UK with shopping and relaxing in cafes.  

When it comes to her work with Bluestone, Laura is excited to build new relationships while continuing to maintain and strengthen those she already has with her loyal clients.

If you would like to speak to Laura about finance for your business, get in touch today:

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