Introducing Bluestone: Toni McLeod

Regional Account Manager, North East of England and Scotland 

‘I really enjoy the variety of my job – getting to meet businesses from a variety of different industries and seeing what the right finance solution can help them achieve. I look forward to developing relationships with the organisations in my region, helping them to boost their growth strategy through tailored finance solutions.’

Toni joined the Bluestone Leasing team in 2022 with 8 years of experience in the commercial leasing sector industry behind her. Covering the North East of England and Scotland, Toni helps businesses in her region, in any sector, to grow either by financing their own assets or enabling them to offer finance to their customers. 

Although a comparatively recent addition to the team, Toni has settled in quickly with her positive approach, hardworking attitude and plenty of experience in commercial finance.

The early days

Toni was born in Fife in Scotland, but when she was 7 years old her family moved to Cramlington in the north east of England which is where she has been based ever since. 

‘I was one of five children and spent a lot of my time irritating my siblings, but I also played a lot of sports including athletics, running, and I played on the school netball team. This taught me a lot about teamwork. The person I most admire is my mum – she raised five children and I have no idea how she did it! She always taught me to treat others how I would want to be treated.’

The world of work   

Toni remembers an early ambition of wanting to be a bin collector – ‘It probably had something to do with wanting to help keep things clean and tidy’ – but her first paid job was washing dishes in a local pub at the age of 13. Over time she moved on to waitressing before eventually working behind the bar when she was old enough and then leaving home for university.

‘While at university in Leeds I worked in customer service for Asda, and then after I graduated I went travelling round south east Asia. In fact, if I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be in Thailand – I have some wonderful memories from the time I spent there.’

After university Toni started work in the commercial finance sector; she now has more than 8 years of experience with particular experience in fire and security related assets. 

Bluestone and the future

‘I could tell from my interview with Bluestone that it is an ethical and moral company. From my first conversation with the managers and team members it was clear that ethical practices were not just a slogan, but an intrinsic part of the operation. They strive for excellence and I am proud to be joining the team.’

When it comes to her free time Toni has a young daughter who she loves to spend time with, her pet peeves are whistling and people who are dishonest, and she is surprisingly good at training dogs! 

In terms of making plans for the future, Toni would love to take a road trip through America, if she could change one thing about the world, it would be inequality, and she would like to be remembered as a decent, supportive, positive person who made the most of life. 

If you would like to find out if Toni could help your business to grow through a bespoke asset finance solution, get in touch today:

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