Introducing Bluestone: Leon Spencer

Regional Account Manager, North London

Leon joined the Bluestone Leasing team in 2022 with years of experience in the financial industry in his back pocket, the last 5 of which were focused on commercial finance leasing and insurance.

“I have spent the majority of my career in the commercial finance sector, understanding the pain points of my clients’ businesses. I strongly believe that you can’t position a product or service until you’ve truly understood the company and their directors. By deep diving into the company’s objective, I’ve been able to work with my partners to better position a solution which works; not just for the short term but for medium and long term.

The early days

Leon was born, and spent the first 11 years of his life, in Jamaica.

“My earliest memory is being inside our home in Jamaica during hurricane Gilbert when the roof was about to be blown off our house. When I moved to England it was a real shock to go from running around in the very few clothes in the heat of Jamaica to having to be reminded to take a coat with me when I went to play outside. I spent a lot of my free time playing football and basketball, but I also loved getting lost in maths equations. It felt like an escape.

Leon’s inspirations

There are 2 people Leon admires the most, the first being Marcus Garvey, and the other being his youngest daughter. 

“A lot of people I speak to haven’t heard of Marcus Garvey, but he is a national hero in Jamaica. He represents that one person can make a difference in the world and the importance of sacrifice for the greater good.

“My youngest daughter has such tenacity and confidence and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. I really hope that strength stays with her.

If he could transport himself to any spot in the world, he would find himself meditating on a mountain top, but his ultimate weekend is one spent with his wife and 2 daughters, relaxing, laughing and having adventures. In fact, he and his wife have a pact to complete their first skydive together in the next year.

If you would like Leon to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch today with him today.

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