Introducing Bluestone: Harry Pilling

The World of Work and Joining Bluestone

Harry joined the Bluestone Leasing team in September of 2021, after having worked in Communications and Banking. When interviewing for Bluestone, Harry was drawn to the company because of how laidback the interview process was and the ethos the company holds on believing that skills and knowledge are teachable, and how the company aims to find individuals that would be the right person to add to the team.

As an Internal Account Manager, Harry works alongside Ben Howe and focuses on Bluestone’s IT accounts. A typical day for Harry involves spending time keeping in touch with partners and customers, and helping to provide quotes for any sales or purchases that come in.

“I really enjoy my job, particularly the company and conversations I have with my colleagues, partners and customers.”

The early days

Harry grew up in Huddersfield and has fond memories of playing football in the street, and even more so the strict instructions to make his way home before the streetlights turned on.

At school, Harry would make the most out of his breaks by spending time with his mates, but in the classroom, Harry aspired to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones. 

Life outside of work 

For Harry, the perfect weekend would consist of him going somewhere different, or doing something new, whilst keeping an eye on the football results and squeezing a drink or two in with his friends. 

Outside of work, Harry likes to spend time playing darts, which may come as a surprise to some considering how good he is. 

If you would like to speak to Harry about finance for your business, get in touch today:

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