Introducing Bluestone: Danielle Gilbert

Danielle is our vehicles account manager here at Bluestone. Since joining the company in 2022, Danielle has worked closely with the team and established herself in the vehicles department as the go-to person for all things vehicle financing.

The world of work

After leaving school, Danielle began her career working in hospitality and retail before moving on to work in finance for other brokers. At Bluestone, Danielle is committed to supporting customers and partners across all regions by understanding their requirements and sourcing the right vehicle for them or their business needs.

“I love helping other people achieve things for their business or helping individuals get their dream car. I really like cars myself so I find it very interesting dealing with them daily.” 

The early days

Danielle grew up in Tamworth, a town in Staffordshire. She would often spend her free time as a child outside playing whenever she could, and putting her bike to good use. One of Danielle’s earliest memories was playing in the snow with her Nan & Grandad’s Labrador Barney.

“I like that I am in a town but I am located on the outskirts so I have a lot of countryside around me where I can go for lovely walks. It’s in a good location where I have everything I need. When I am homesick, I just think of my lovely home and am thankful for what I have around me.”

How does Danielle like spending her time off?

Danielle is a keen traveler who has visited a number of amazing destinations across the years. Danielle’s perfect weekend would be spending time with her family and going out to do something nice with her little girl.

I love seeing the sights around me when I’m on route to my destination.”

Danielle wants to be remembered for… 

Being the one that was always there for them no matter what. Being kind, funny & caring.

If you would like to speak to Danielle about finance for your vehicles, get in touch today: 

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