Case Study: The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

The Institute of Comtemporary Music Performance (ICMP), based in London, has been developing and delivering education to students of contemporary music for over 30 years, longer than any other UK school. The key to their philosophy, is the understanding that every student is unique.

The ICMP have always focused on the needs and potential of individual students, ensuring that the education they provide is tailored and personalised, giving them the best chance of success.

The ICMP’s Requirements

As a provider of Higher Education emerging from the Pandemic and working within the tight constraint of the regulatory framework, ICMP used finance to ensure that key financial performance metrics were always comfortably managed at appropriate levels.

“Bluestone have been a supportive and communicative company, taking the time to understand our needs. That approach has enabled us to achieve the amazing results that we have!”

Pete Whittard,  Business Development Director, ICMP

The Solution

In 2019, when the project was initiated, ICMP’s growth trajectory clearly indicated the need for additional specialist space to accommodate recording studios and performance.

The solution was a 14,000 square-foot derelict public house in Queens Park that has undertaken a three phase renovation. Phase one delivered three state-of-the-art recording and post-production studios (featuring Dolby Atmos technology). Phase two delivered a 100+ capacity fully specified performance venue refectory with expanded teaching spaces and technology labs. Phase three completed with six further teaching spaces and professional services offices under a new roof and a rebuilt second floor.

Louse Harris from Bluestone said, “It was an absolute pleasure working with Pete and the team at the ICMP. We were delighted to support them with financing their projects, allowing them to continue with their exciting growth plans. We look forward to supporting them in years to come.”

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