Case Study: R H Binks & Sons Ltd

About R H Binks & Sons Ltd

R H Binks & Sons are a quality Wholesale & Retail Family Butchers who have been serving customers in Wakefield since 1920. Whilst they are a traditional style butcher founded on their service and a strong passion for high quality British produce, they are moving with the times to create hand-made products, and innovative ideas to the butchery trade.

Sourcing the majority of meat from established Yorkshire farms, they support regional farmers who share their commitment to welfare and outstanding quality without the use of intensive farming or growth hormones and additives.

Their Need for Finance

R H Binks & Sons Ltd has been successfully running for generations and wanted a new lease of life to align with the creativity and innovation they are bringing to the trade. The shop needed a full re-fit, and they were looking for a way to give the butchers a face-lift without using their existing cash reserves.

“Without the support from Bluestone and our supplier H K Interiors and XL Refrigeration, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have. The interior of our shop is now one we feel proud of and we feel it is another step in supporting our business continuing to grow.”

Jack Binks, R H Binks & Sons Ltd

The Solution

With the support of Bluestone and suppliers, H K Interiors and XL Refrigeration, R H Binks were able to utilise a £120,000 Hire Purchase agreement to finance the fit-out of a new, modern shop internally and externally. The agreement allowed them to benefit from retained capital within the business for further growth and investment whilst making affordable repayments at a fixed cost over time.

Laura Fallah, Regional Account Manager at Bluestone said, “It was great to be able to work on a project local to Bluestone, especially one that supports regional farmers at the same time. The shop looks great and I’m really glad we were able to help R H Binks with their re-fit and support their business.”

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