Case Study: Radnor House Sevenoaks School

Radnor House Sevenoaks is a private co-educational school in Kent that caters to pupils aged 2-18 for Nursery to Sixth Form Education. Radnor is housed in 29 acres of Grade 1 listed property and grounds, and is committed to educating and empowering the young adults of today to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

Radnor House Sevenoaks School

Radnor House Sevenoaks School is very active with its extracurricular sports activities and has hockey, football and cricket as core sports for all pupils. To effectively compete against other schools in the local area, Radnor House Sevenoaks School secured planning permission to build a state of the art FIH approved floodlit hockey pitch , and given ongoing capital expenditure programmes, a financing solution was deemed the most appropriate use of resources.

Alongside the sports pitch, the school was also keen to finance a further coach addition to the fleet used for school runs and sports transport, a company vehicle, and provision of Microsoft Surface devices to all Senior School pupils.

Why they decided to utilise finance

Following acquisition in 2015, Radnor House Sevenoaks School has embarked on a major capital expenditure program totaling over £5m.

Utilising finance to help retain cash on the balance sheet would allow them to see a return on their investment sooner rather than later.

“Because of Bluestone’s consultative approach to financing, we were confident and felt fully informed throughout. We knew that we were working with industry experts that could deliver on the project.
Neil Moulding, Finance & Operations Director, Radnor House School Sevenoaks

The Solution

Bluestone worked closely with the school to understand their project needs and find a finance solution that best suited them.

As finance specialists who cover assets across several sectors, Bluestone were able to finance the school’s sports pitch, purchase a minibus, find a company vehicle and facilitated IT equipment upgrades.

The solutions allowed students to compete and make the most of the new sports pitch, provided them with a means of transport with the new minibus and access to new IT equipment to support their learning.

Ben Howe, Key Account Manager at Bluestone said, “Working with Neil and the team at Radnor House Sevenoaks School has been a pleasure. It has been great to help on multiple projects and see the difference this will help the students, and future students attending the school.”

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