Introducing Bluestone: Leighton Davies

Leighton is our Regional Account Manager for Wales. Since joining Bluestone in December 2022, Leighton has been building relationships across the region with both existing and new customers across all sectors, particularly focusing on growing the hard asset industry. Prior to working at Bluestone, Leighton worked as an independent finance broker dealing in both the hard and soft asset market. His previous roles saw him working for some of the largest automotive groups in the UK dealing with commercial finance for fleets of vehicles.

A typical day for Leighton is reaching out to new clients and partners, focusing on business development across Wales, introducing himself and letting customers know that Bluestone is here to support. 

I really like meeting new businesses and industries and getting to know them – I’m always intrigued about how they work, how they run and what they are looking to do to improve.‘ 

Since joining Bluestone, Leighton has brought enthusiasm, a smile, and a willingness to integrate himself into the company and learn and develop.

The world of work   

Leighton began his career working predominantly in the auto industry, focusing on brands such as Ford, VW and BMW over the years. His very first job was in retail, working at the weekend whilst at college, for a painting and decorating company.  

Previously working as an independent finance broker, I was involved in everything from meeting clients, to drawing up the proposals and quotes for credit, so I was attracted to the company structure at Bluestone in my interview. The experience and support from the team and the values they portray made me feel like it was a good place to be.’ 

The early days and eduction 

Leighton grew up in Cardiff and has early memories of spending time with his grandfather, playing outside and P.E at school. 

‘I liked playing football or riding my bike – I’m ‘old’ now so we didn’t have computer games back then!’  

The most important non-academic lesson Leighton learned at school was ‘don’t be late.’ 

More about Leighton 

In his spare time, Leighton enjoys spending his weekend with his partner, walking their dog on the beach, having a roast dinner and drinking a couple of beers whilst watching Manchester United play – passionate about travelling and sport, seeing Man United in the Champions League Final abroad is at the top of his bucket list.   

Leighton’s life motto; 

If you don’t have discipline, you’ll have regret.

Leighton wants to be remembered for…

 ‘My amazing personality and generosity.’ 

If you would like Leighton to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch with him today.

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