Introducing Bluestone: Philip Wiltshire

Philip is our Regional Account Manager for South Central. Since joining Bluestone in December 2022, Philip has established himself within the team, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Philip has over 20 year’s experience in the commercial finance sector having worked as both a Relationship Manager and Area Manager with Nedbank Business Banking in South Africa. 

“I was attracted to working at Bluestone because of their fresh approach to service and the ease of which they interact with clients. I am most looking forward to meeting with the clients at businesses and identifying solutions to assist with their future growth plans.

The early days

Having grown up in Southern Africa, Phil spent his younger years growing up in Lesotho where his father worked at a University there. Phil fondly remembers getting together with his mates, exploring the university campus, and horse riding around the area, along with spending his time on the rugby field.

“I’ve always been one of those guys that lived for today. One life lesson I’ve learned growing up is that you have to make the most of today because tomorrow will have its own challenges so take care of today.”

The world of work

Early on in his working life, Phil worked in media. Whilst in Durban South Africa, Phil worked for a small advertising agency. The business was quite small which allowed Phil to take on a lot of varied roles and functions, this would include working on various projects from design work, and pitching ideas and proposals to the bosses. But inevitably, his financial background meant that he was tasked with handling the business’ bookkeeping and financials.

Why Bluestone?

The main driver for Phil joining Bluestone was the way in which the company deals with its customers. Phil’s typical day usually involves a morning briefing call to discuss various customers and opportunities and manage any issues that may arise with deals.

“I enjoy interaction with customers and partners, so being able to put plans together to best support their businesses is always a fulfilling task.” 

Be it initial scoping calls, customer calls, getting appointments booked, or simply discussing how their business is doing is something Phil particularly enjoys because of how it allows him to immerse himself in their reality to be able to come up with the best solutions to their financial opportunities.

If he could meet anyone dead or alive

“I think it’d, probably be a toss-up between Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Hendrix”

You can view Philip’s microsite here.

If you would like Philip to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch with him today.

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