Case Study: Solar Panels for One Sign & Digital

Based in the North East of England, One Sign & Digital operate from a 10,000 sq ft factory with a large fabrication and graphics facility including state-of-the-art digital printing machines to suit every requirement of sign making. This allows the company to manufacture all jobs in-house, giving them full control over projects from start to finish.


One Sign & Digital were looking for a way that they could maintain cashflow within the business whilst making their facilities more sustainable and lower their carbon footprint. With such a large facility, they could see the benefits in installing more renewable technologies such as solar panels to help reduce their energy bills.

“We knew our business would be impacted by the increase in energy over the past few months and began looking for solutions that would both support us financially, but also allow us to implement more sustainable changes for the long-term. With the help of Bluestone and AR Power, we could do both. We are now benefitting from reduced energy bills, a solar powered facility and still have capital within the business to continue on our growth trajectory.”

Chris Timmins, Managing Director at One Sign & Digital

The Solution

Bluestone worked with AR power to support the business by offering a £59,512 finance lease facility that would allow One Sign & Digital to install a number of solar panels to the roof of their facility.

The lease will be repaid through fixed repayments over a period of time and provided the business with the capital they needed to implement more sustainable business decisions whilst retaining cashflow for investment in other areas.

“It was great to work with the team at One Sign & Digital and provide them with a solution that has enabled them to continue with their ongoing business strategy whilst also implementing technologies that will support them financially longer-term. I look forward to seeing them continue to grow.”

Toni McLeod, Bluestone leasing

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