Introducing Bluestone: Will Milner

Getting to Know Will

Will is our Account Manager for Bluestone Vehicles, covering all regions in the UK. Before joining Bluestone, Will spent eight years working in sales, business development, finance, and insurance within the motor trade industry.  

‘I was drawn to Bluestone because of the business’s vision for growth within the vehicles industry. I’m looking forward to getting out and talking to our customers about how we can support them with their vehicle sourcing and funding.’

The world of work   

Will is often complimented for his excellent customer service, good communication and being knowledgeable in the motor industry. 

‘A typical day at work for me is spending time understanding our customer and partner business vehicle needs and sourcing the right vehicle for them. I enjoy getting to speak to different people, learning about different businesses and supporting them with their requirements.’

During his interview with Bluestone, Will was impressed by the opportunities within the customer base for the vehicles sector. 

‘It was obvious that the company wanted to grow their presence in the vehicles sector and that there was a lot of potential for me to help them do that. Coupled with the friendliness of the team and their shared values, it was an easy decision for me to join the team.’ 

Where it all began..

Will grew up Leeds with dreams of becoming a formula one driver – instead, he settled for his favourite hobby of playing Rugby. 

‘It helped that my favourite subject in school was P.E so I started playing Rugby from a young age. When I left, I went on to be a semi-professional player.’

From there, Will moved into a career in the motor trade industry, working for the likes of Mercedes-Benz. 

Life outside of work.. 

If Will could be anywhere else right now, he would be travelling the world or spending a relaxing weekend at home walking his two dogs. At the top of his bucket list, is visiting Australia.

‘I won’t have to wait too much longer as I’m finally getting to visit Sydney for a family wedding next year.’

You can view Will’s microsite here.

If you would like Will to help you with you with your vehicle finance needs, get in touch today.

Introducing Bluestone: Alec Gost

Before becoming a Regional Account Manager at Bluestone, Alec spent the majority of his finance career working on the funding side at banks and large lenders.

Having done this for a while, Alec desired to get more involved with the clients Bluestone were supporting so he could help provide finance solutions to the business issues of clients and partners.

“I love having conversations with business owners about their companies, the issues they are having, and designing solutions to help them resolve these problems. Working as a broker at Bluestone allows me to do this.”

The early days

Alec grew up in a beautiful small town called Marlow in Buckinghamshire. During his younger years, Alec spent a lot of his time on the Rugby pitch playing from the ages of 9-17.

When Alec left school, he went to the University of Portsmouth and studied International Relations.

“Whilst at University I joined the school’s American Football team but found it took up too much time from my academic work to stay on the full 3 years.”

The world of work

Alec started his career working for a large IT reseller. Having found success there, he decided he wanted to make a move into the Charity sector. 

After a few years of working in the charity world, Alec decided it was time to move back into the Private sector. Around this same time, Alec was headhunted to work as a Relationship Director for Close Brothers bank. 

Since then Alec has gone on to work at a couple of large funders managing their brokers and introducers as well as designing and implementing new funding products for their sales teams. 

Alec plans to continue to use his years of experience to help Bluestone’s clients to choose the right options for their businesses.

You can view Alec’s microsite here.

If you would like Alec to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch with him today.

Introducing Bluestone: Philip Wiltshire

Philip is our Regional Account Manager for South Central. Since joining Bluestone in December 2022, Philip has established himself within the team, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Philip has over 20 year’s experience in the commercial finance sector having worked as both a Relationship Manager and Area Manager with Nedbank Business Banking in South Africa. 

“I was attracted to working at Bluestone because of their fresh approach to service and the ease of which they interact with clients. I am most looking forward to meeting with the clients at businesses and identifying solutions to assist with their future growth plans.

The early days

Having grown up in Southern Africa, Phil spent his younger years growing up in Lesotho where his father worked at a University there. Phil fondly remembers getting together with his mates, exploring the university campus, and horse riding around the area, along with spending his time on the rugby field.

“I’ve always been one of those guys that lived for today. One life lesson I’ve learned growing up is that you have to make the most of today because tomorrow will have its own challenges so take care of today.”

The world of work

Early on in his working life, Phil worked in media. Whilst in Durban South Africa, Phil worked for a small advertising agency. The business was quite small which allowed Phil to take on a lot of varied roles and functions, this would include working on various projects from design work, and pitching ideas and proposals to the bosses. But inevitably, his financial background meant that he was tasked with handling the business’ bookkeeping and financials.

Why Bluestone?

The main driver for Phil joining Bluestone was the way in which the company deals with its customers. Phil’s typical day usually involves a morning briefing call to discuss various customers and opportunities and manage any issues that may arise with deals.

“I enjoy interaction with customers and partners, so being able to put plans together to best support their businesses is always a fulfilling task.” 

Be it initial scoping calls, customer calls, getting appointments booked, or simply discussing how their business is doing is something Phil particularly enjoys because of how it allows him to immerse himself in their reality to be able to come up with the best solutions to their financial opportunities.

If he could meet anyone dead or alive

“I think it’d, probably be a toss-up between Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Hendrix”

You can view Philip’s microsite here.

If you would like Philip to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch with him today.

Introducing Bluestone: Matthew Brown

Matthew is our Regional Account Manager for Huddersfield, Bradford, and Halifax. Since joining Bluestone in December 2022, Matt has been building relationships with existing and new customers and partners and focusing on growing new business. 

I really enjoy meeting new businesses and finding out more about them and their needs – I don’t have a background in the finance industry as I worked in the world of Tobacco prior to Bluestone, so learning about my customers and partners is really interesting to me.‘ 

Matt is really looking forward to getting to know his businesses and helping them grow. 

The world of work

Matt began his career working in a bar in one of his favourite stadiums in Sunderland and prior to joining Bluestone, he worked in the Tobacco industry. He is often complimented on his work ethic and tenacity alongside his passion for helping businesses. 

I’m new to the commercial finance sector but I’m really looking forward to taking on the role. I was attracted to Bluestone after being impressed and inspired during the interview process. The idea of helping businesses and customers take things to the next level and being part of that journey excited and motivates me.‘ 

The early days and education 

Matthew grew up in Sunderland playing sport from a young age. When he was younger, his dream was to grow up and become a palaeontologist. His favourite subject at school was biology due to his interest in the way the human body works.  

The most important non-academic lesson I learnt at school was that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’

More about Matthew

At the top of Matthews bucket list is to go bungee jumping or sky diving, something that feels like he is on the edge of something that could be truly amazing or be his last ever experience. His life motto; 

There’s no point in living if you don’t feel alive.

Matthew wants to be remembered for… 

 ‘Being a laugh…hopefully!’ 

You can view Matthew’s microsite here.

If you would like Matthew to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch with him today.

Introducing Bluestone: Leighton Davies

Leighton is our Regional Account Manager for Wales. Since joining Bluestone in December 2022, Leighton has been building relationships across the region with both existing and new customers across all sectors, particularly focusing on growing the hard asset industry. Prior to working at Bluestone, Leighton worked as an independent finance broker dealing in both the hard and soft asset market. His previous roles saw him working for some of the largest automotive groups in the UK dealing with commercial finance for fleets of vehicles.

A typical day for Leighton is reaching out to new clients and partners, focusing on business development across Wales, introducing himself and letting customers know that Bluestone is here to support. 

I really like meeting new businesses and industries and getting to know them – I’m always intrigued about how they work, how they run and what they are looking to do to improve.‘ 

Since joining Bluestone, Leighton has brought enthusiasm, a smile, and a willingness to integrate himself into the company and learn and develop.

The world of work   

Leighton began his career working predominantly in the auto industry, focusing on brands such as Ford, VW and BMW over the years. His very first job was in retail, working at the weekend whilst at college, for a painting and decorating company.  

Previously working as an independent finance broker, I was involved in everything from meeting clients, to drawing up the proposals and quotes for credit, so I was attracted to the company structure at Bluestone in my interview. The experience and support from the team and the values they portray made me feel like it was a good place to be.’ 

The early days and eduction 

Leighton grew up in Cardiff and has early memories of spending time with his grandfather, playing outside and P.E at school. 

‘I liked playing football or riding my bike – I’m ‘old’ now so we didn’t have computer games back then!’  

The most important non-academic lesson Leighton learned at school was ‘don’t be late.’ 

More about Leighton 

In his spare time, Leighton enjoys spending his weekend with his partner, walking their dog on the beach, having a roast dinner and drinking a couple of beers whilst watching Manchester United play – passionate about travelling and sport, seeing Man United in the Champions League Final abroad is at the top of his bucket list.   

Leighton’s life motto; 

If you don’t have discipline, you’ll have regret.

Leighton wants to be remembered for…

 ‘My amazing personality and generosity.’ 

If you would like Leighton to help your business to move forward with a bespoke finance solution, get in touch with him today.

Bluestone Christmas 2022

Bluestone is delighted to be supporting two charities this Christmas, Save the Children and Pulse1 Mission Christmas, Cash for Kids.

How we’re supporting Save the Children

We will be taking part in Save the Children’s 2022 Christmas Jumper Day to help raise money for children in the UK and across the world. Christmas Jumper Day falls on the 8th of December this year, so we’ll be bringing out our cosy Christmas knits and making the most of the opportunity to enjoy the festivity of the season whilst supporting a charity that helps provide for children and families that needs support this Christmas season.

Pulse1’s Mission Christmas Cash for Kids

This year, we have also decided to take part in Pulse1’s Mission Christmas Cash for Kids appeal to make a difference to children across West Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales, Harrogate, and York.

Mission Christmas has set out to help Santa reach children living in poverty this year with Christmas gifts to ensure as many children as can enjoy the holidays by providing gifts for children facing difficult times with a gift to wake up to and open on Christmas Day.

How you can help

Other charities we’re proud to support

  • Mind
  • Guide Dogs
  • Wakefield Hospice
  • MS Society
  • The Children’s Hospital Charity
  • Macmillan Cancer Support

Introducing Bluestone: Harry Pilling

The World of Work and Joining Bluestone

Harry joined the Bluestone Leasing team in September of 2021, after having worked in Communications and Banking. When interviewing for Bluestone, Harry was drawn to the company because of how laidback the interview process was and the ethos the company holds on believing that skills and knowledge are teachable, and how the company aims to find individuals that would be the right person to add to the team.

As an Internal Account Manager, Harry works alongside Ben Howe and focuses on Bluestone’s IT accounts. A typical day for Harry involves spending time keeping in touch with partners and customers, and helping to provide quotes for any sales or purchases that come in.

“I really enjoy my job, particularly the company and conversations I have with my colleagues, partners and customers.”

The early days

Harry grew up in Huddersfield and has fond memories of playing football in the street, and even more so the strict instructions to make his way home before the streetlights turned on.

At school, Harry would make the most out of his breaks by spending time with his mates, but in the classroom, Harry aspired to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones. 

Life outside of work 

For Harry, the perfect weekend would consist of him going somewhere different, or doing something new, whilst keeping an eye on the football results and squeezing a drink or two in with his friends. 

Outside of work, Harry likes to spend time playing darts, which may come as a surprise to some considering how good he is. 

If you would like to speak to Harry about finance for your business, get in touch today:

Introducing Bluestone: Toni McLeod

Regional Account Manager, North East of England and Scotland 

‘I really enjoy the variety of my job – getting to meet businesses from a variety of different industries and seeing what the right finance solution can help them achieve. I look forward to developing relationships with the organisations in my region, helping them to boost their growth strategy through tailored finance solutions.’

Toni joined the Bluestone Leasing team in 2022 with 8 years of experience in the commercial leasing sector industry behind her. Covering the North East of England and Scotland, Toni helps businesses in her region, in any sector, to grow either by financing their own assets or enabling them to offer finance to their customers. 

Although a comparatively recent addition to the team, Toni has settled in quickly with her positive approach, hardworking attitude and plenty of experience in commercial finance.

The early days

Toni was born in Fife in Scotland, but when she was 7 years old her family moved to Cramlington in the north east of England which is where she has been based ever since. 

‘I was one of five children and spent a lot of my time irritating my siblings, but I also played a lot of sports including athletics, running, and I played on the school netball team. This taught me a lot about teamwork. The person I most admire is my mum – she raised five children and I have no idea how she did it! She always taught me to treat others how I would want to be treated.’

The world of work   

Toni remembers an early ambition of wanting to be a bin collector – ‘It probably had something to do with wanting to help keep things clean and tidy’ – but her first paid job was washing dishes in a local pub at the age of 13. Over time she moved on to waitressing before eventually working behind the bar when she was old enough and then leaving home for university.

‘While at university in Leeds I worked in customer service for Asda, and then after I graduated I went travelling round south east Asia. In fact, if I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be in Thailand – I have some wonderful memories from the time I spent there.’

After university Toni started work in the commercial finance sector; she now has more than 8 years of experience with particular experience in fire and security related assets. 

Bluestone and the future

‘I could tell from my interview with Bluestone that it is an ethical and moral company. From my first conversation with the managers and team members it was clear that ethical practices were not just a slogan, but an intrinsic part of the operation. They strive for excellence and I am proud to be joining the team.’

When it comes to her free time Toni has a young daughter who she loves to spend time with, her pet peeves are whistling and people who are dishonest, and she is surprisingly good at training dogs! 

In terms of making plans for the future, Toni would love to take a road trip through America, if she could change one thing about the world, it would be inequality, and she would like to be remembered as a decent, supportive, positive person who made the most of life. 

If you would like to find out if Toni could help your business to grow through a bespoke asset finance solution, get in touch today:

Introducing Our Latest Recruits

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Bluestone Leasing getting our five newest members of staff settled in and up to speed with everything we offer.

Here’s a little bit about each of them:

Caroline Ford

Caroline Ford

Caroline, aka Caz, Caro or Fordie, so take your pick

I have been in sales for 9 years, my previous job was selling currency and passports to Governors and Finance Ministers throughout Africa and Asia and occasionally the Caribbean so I have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world.

I have really enjoyed my first two weeks, and the investment the company has put into me and the support the rest of the business has given me only makes me want to succeed tenfold. It feels like a family at Bluestone and everyone always has each others back which is very important to me.

I lived in Australia for 2 years, in Broome, at 25 where I pretty much took it easy, getting drunk, waking up on the beach and having a crazy life. During this time, I trained to be a personal trainer and Body Combat instructor which I still do in the evenings when I am home which I really need to keep up as I am a massive foodie.

My hobbies are going to the opera/ballet/classical concerts as my degree is in Music, French and Italian but my favourite bands are ACDC and Audioslave. I am also big on trekking and raising money for charity – In 2009 I did Machu Pichu and in 2012 I trekked to the base camp of Everest raising money for Breast and Prostate Cancer. It was very tough but I would love to do it again. Travelling gives me a great sense of cultural understanding and there’s just so much to see and learn.

Erica Dickens

Erica Dickens

Hello. My name is Erica Dickens and I am going to be working in the finance team as a Management Accountant.

Previously I have work at Locarla Community Partnerships, they provide services for the NHS. I have also worked for JD Sports and Yorkshire Post Newspapers. 

My initial thoughts on Bluestone  are very positive, I feel there is a wealth of knowledge and experience here which I am looking forward to learning from. 

I got married in Vegas 13 years ago and spend most my weekends doing fun stuff with my two children.

Georgie Leah Deeprose

Georgie Leah Deeprose

I previously worked at an accountancy firm called Cameron Alexander Accountants in Barnsley, which was my first job after leaving school.

My role here is as a Trainee Accounts Junior.

My initial thoughts of Bluestone are really positive, everyone is really friendly and helpful which has helped me settle in quickly. 

I like to go swimming and socialising with friends and family.

I used to do Irish Dancing which I regret giving up as I have now forgotten all my dances!

Louis Taylor

Louis Taylor

I previously worked for a company called Direct Work Force, they’re a recruitment agency specialising in the industrial and driving sectors. I was the branch business development executive meaning that all new client wins and new business was my responsibility. Due to the high amount of competition in industrial recruitment, I spent a lot of my time knocking on doors and trying to get in front of a decision maker which resulted in some interesting responses!

My initial thoughts of Bluestone couldn’t be more positive, everyone is extremely helpful and supportive which has really helped me settle in. I have never worked for a company where everybody is so close including the directors. I think it’s brilliant.

My role as a BRE is to win new business! Supporting the General Assets Division and expanding the team which I am really look forward to. Right now I am concentrating on learning my role inside out and starting to win some new business.

My hobbies are pretty normal – I go to the gym 5 times a week and socialise with my mates as regularly as possible. Another hobby of mine is tattoos although having a girlfriend who is a tattoo artist keeps that affordable!

Andrew Plues

Andrew Plues

Andy or Andrew, dependant on the formality.

I have worked in insurance and most recently the recruitment industry, where I have learnt a great deal of transferable skills.

I am married and have a 4-year-old son called Jack who is the apple of my eye! My family is extremely important to me and is my motivation to succeed.

I have a wide variety of hobbies, martial arts being my main passion outside of being a father. I have trained since I was 7 years old, hold a 1st degree black belt in Karate and now train in mixed martial arts in which I have just achieved my Orange belt (3 grades above beginner). I also have a passion for a wide range of music and watch motorcycle racing as often as time allows. My favourite rider would be the legend that is Valentino Rossi.

My first impressions of bluestone are great, all the staff are professional and knowledgeable whilst also being friendly and willing to help when they can. I like the fact that nobody is just a number and everybody is known by name.

I don’t have many dislikes, although fake people bug me.

I love speaking to different types of people and building rapport and I am very excited about getting into my role at Bluestone Leasing.

If you have any questions for our new starters they would love to hear from you, give them a call on 01924 248800 or email

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